April 8, 2011 – Happy Birthday V…

Dear Birthday Girl,

Hey, Look at you! You’re grown up. It’s been 25 Years since you were born in this world. ( Staring at mirror)

Yes, it’s my birthday.

I’m used  to the situation with no cakes, no surprises, no presents, even not having my mom or dad around to give me birthday hug and kiss. All i know the last birthday cake, present, and their presence was on my 2nd birthday. I knew it from the pictures anyway.

My dad just called and say a happy birthday to me.. ( Love you dad)

Mom, We’ll meet this weekend. See you soon. ( Love you mom)

Life is …

Tough! That’s why we must struggling.

Learning! To never quitting.

Dreaming! Without dream, you’re only walking on circle. You ain’t go anywhere.

Traveling! Because travel is the best university in life. And those who don’t travel read only a page (Thanks St. Augustine).

And always smiling.

Smile will makes you feel younger. 😉

” i will keep on traveling the road, my path, the destiny i choose to be”… – V –


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