New Year 2015, New me…

Happy New Year 2015 everybody!
Wish all of us can be a better and greater version of ourselves. Amen.

There’s something special about 2015, at least for me & Stephen (my boyfie).
I still remembered when i join his family to celebrate his daddy’s birthday lunch at one restaurant in Puri Mall (i don’t recall the name, it’s already closed now).
After our stomach is full with delicious food, all of a sudden i heard he talked to his parents and ‘lil sister (with a shaking voice obviously) asking their permission for taking our relationship to a next level in 3 years, and since we start dating on 10 February 2012, 3 years = 2015, THIS YEAR!!

Fiuhhhhh!! believe it or not i’m kinda excited and nervous at the same time.
You know, i never imagine myself to meet my other-half and creating our own little family.
But God plans is beyond our expectation (most of the time). 😀

Hopefully, both of us can held a holy matrimony some-when in December 2015 (still no idea).
So, now i do what i can do, try to gather more info about wedding preparation although won’t held any big reception, just invite our family and dear friends.

Later i’ll update the details about my preparation, just in case another bride-to-be out there needs it.

See ya.. ^^


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